Solar Eclipses

Past Solar Eclipses & Expeditions

Total solar eclipses are nature's most spectacular and awe-inspiring sky shows. As a result, many people have dedicated their lives to "chasing eclipses" all over the world. This modest collection of articles and images will give a glimpse into the excitement of past eclipses, and the people who observed them.

1900 May 28

The path of totality passed through USA, Spain, and Portugal... | Read more...

1905 August 30

Several RASC members were part of an expedition to observe this eclipse in Labrador. Two photo albums still survive from this expedition. Read more...

1932 August 31

A number of RASC members observed this eclipse from Québec.

"A total eclipse of the sun occurred on Aug. 31 in New England and Canada while clouds prevented observation by many astronomical parties inland an clear weather prevailed closer to the coast." (JRASC, Vol. 27, pg. 44) | Read more...

1963 July 20

A number of RASC members took part in an expedition by train to Wivenhoe, Manitoba to view this eclipse; many others observed from Québec. | Read more...

1970 March 7

  • Report: JRASC, Vol. 64, pp. 242-49 - T. Cairns, P. Moffat, J. Newton, J. Scatliff, J. Steffensen
  • Reports published in NNL June 1970 (87kb):
    • Elizabeth City, North Carolina (Montreal/Ottawa Centres)
    • Jasper, Florida, USA (Toronto/Hamilton)
    • Halifax, Nova Scotia (U of NB Physics Club)

1972 July 10

This eclipse was notable for an expedition to Tuktoyaktuk, NWT. | Read more...

1979 February 26

Southern Manitoba was ground zero for this highly-anticipated eclipse. | Read More...

1984 May 30 (Annular)

The weather in southern Ontario was less than cooperative, but the Toronto Centre sent out a busload of 45 members on a 2½ day bus trip to catch 13 seconds of annularity for only $175. | Read more...

1991 July 11

The RASC flew 185 members to Baja to observe "The Big One"—almost 7 minutes of totality. | Read more...

1994 May 10 (Annular)

This was a mid-day eclipse tracking through southern Ontario. | Read more...

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