On Monday, August 21, the shadow of the Moon will pass over Canada. The event is a solar eclipse. Along a rather long but narrow path which stretches across the continental United States from Oregon to South Carolina, people will see a total solar eclipse.

Eclipse path image coutesy NASA/Fred Espenak


Across all of Canada, we will see the Moon cover up a portion of the Sun – a partial eclipse. WARNING- never look at the Sun without proper protection. Use properly made solar viewers such as the ones for sale on the RASC estore. These filters are safe to look through with your eyes only (not to be used with other optical devices such as binoculars or telescopes – just your eyes.

Members of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada plan to set up telescopes on eclipse day to show the various phases of the partial eclipse through telescopes equipped with filters to allow safe viewing.

Be sure to check the centre’s web site the day of the eclipse to see if it is a GO or NO GO.

Please note: in case of cloudy weather, the eclipse cannot be seen.

City Observing Site Mid-Eclipse Max
Calgary   11:33 77%
Edmonton   11:35 68%
Halifax   15:53 48%
Hamilton   14:32 72%
Kingston   14:36 65%
K-W   14:30 73%
London   14:30 75%
Mississauga   14:31 71%
CF de Montreal   14:38 58%
In partnership with John Abbott College Campus (Oval), Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue
14:38 58%
New Brunswick (Saint John) 15:49 50%
Niagara   14:33 72%
Okanagan   10:25 83%
Ottawa   14:35 61%
Prince George   10:25 70%
Quebec   14:40 52%
Regina   11:46 75%
Sarnia   14:28 76%
Saskatoon 10:15 am - 1:00 pm 2323 8th St E. Saskatoon, SK. S7J2P7 11:43 70%
Sunshine Coast      
St. John's   16:29 31%
Thunder Bay   14:10 68%
Toronto   14:32 70%
Vancouver   10:21 86%
Victoria   10:20 89%
Winnipeg   12:57 71%
Windsor   14:27 80%
Yukon   10:22 50%

Eclipse times, percentages source: The Observer’s Handbook 2017 – The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada.

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